I was going to introduce this section of my blog with some wise words about wisdom, but everything I tried to write sounded like it belonged in a fortune cookie so I gave up and decided to insert this picture of some non-fortune cookies here instead.

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Then, I tried again.


Of the few things I know about wisdom, I know this: it is meant to be true. So, I decided to introduce my Words of Wisdom with the truth of how I experience wisdom.


I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time, but I know that I am doing it well.


You don’t have to know where you’re going to know that you haven’t stumbled, nor do you have to know what you are making to know that you’ve not broken any of the pieces you’ll need. Despite what many think, wisdom does not belong to the old. It belongs to the living. I know this because new-born babies have an innate understanding of gravity and, as far as I’m concerned, that is exactly what wisdom is and means.


Wisdom is knowing when you have fallen

before you even realize that standing is possible.


We are born wise. As such, acquiring wisdom requires nothing more than remembering the answers you’d already understood before you ever knew that you could question them.

Wisdom is realizing that you need to remember through which door you exited before you bother figuring out which key will reopen it. I am quite certain of this because I have been known to forget which door I used to get out and then get incredibly pissed off when I can’t get back in because “the keys” don’t work. This is because I am not very good at using doors yet and they confuse me a lot.

Similarly, many people forget who they are and what they want to become once they start visiting other people’s opinions about who they should be and what they should do. Then they get incredibly pissed off when they don’t feel at home with themselves anymore, when they can’t find their homes in themselves anymore because “life” isn’t working out for them. This is because they’re not very good at using their own personalities yet and they confuse themselves a lot.

Wise word of advice from a person perpetually struggling to open doors: you should always make sure to know who you are before you try to match yourself to the appropriate life or you will waste a ton of time and look like a major n00b when you try to live someone else’s life.


Wisdom is having the answer first and the question second


As for how such retro-causality is possible, I think it is a simple matter of doors and keys. It is much more effective to have the right door than it is to have the right key. Right door, wrong key? Try a different key or pick the lock; no one will arrest you for breaking into your own home. Wrong door, right key? You are a derp.

It is incredibly effective to start with an answer and rewind to the question. In fact, whenever I stumble upon a new kernel of wisdom, it is always retro-causal. First, I am happy. Then, I wonder why. First, I am successful. Then, I wonder how? First, I observe a result, then I backtrack to figure out how the heck I got there. #scienceofwisdom

This is why I rarely know what I’m doing. I don’t notice I’m doing anything at all until I’ve done it well enough that I can admire the result – answer first. Then, I rewind and, in hindsight, understand how I managed to get there – question second. Wisdom is living life in reverse, I’d say. It’s moving forwards while looking backwards.


Coincidentally, that has always been my favourite seat on a train.


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