Sometimes, I have something to say.

Actually, that’s a lie. All the time, I have something to say but sometimes I have something to say to a specific person. This specific person is generally “Humanity” and, more rarely, “Society”. Most of my blog posts, I direct at individual persons who have stumbled upon my corner of the Internet and decided to stay for a while. But, sometimes, instead of waiting for a visitor to come to me, want to go out and bang on all of the Internet’s doors and shout from all the virtual rooftops “HUMANITY! I have something to say to you, biatch!”

And when I feel the need to do such a thing, I write an Open Letter (to Humanity, Or Some Other Entity).

You can find my open letters right here! If there was something I wrote that I would like reblogged, it would most definitely be any one of the opinionated texts found here so feel free to spread the love and share the word!  ❤


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(If They Knew)