There are days when I find myself thinking “you know what would be great? An Apocalypse. Now.” These days generally happen when humanity has done something to frustrate me beyond the limits of my wells of tolerance (so roughly all the time). On those days, I fantasize about hailing the alien overlords who accidentally forgot me when they left after visiting this planet ages ago and letting them know that they should eliminate humanity from this planet because humans suck.

But then, I remember all the good things about humanity and hold off on building a super walkie-talkie with bearskins and bread-knives for another day!

If you also struggle to remember why homo sapiens are worth keeping alive, take a look at this! Here is a non-exhaustive list of the Good Things I Like. You will find here some very good reasons to NOT create a zombie virus to cull the population.


Reasons Why Humanity Shouldn’t Be Destroyed.



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Artists I Admire (also coming soon!)