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Gifted is Easy

Gifted is Easy

Lisa Swaboda is Atlas Educational

Don’t let people tell you otherwise- being gifted is easy.

Being gifted is picking up a clarinet and playing first chair that week because you played the recorder since you were 4.

Being gifted is having a million ideas for your PhD thesis.

Being gifted is being able to take the idea of discussing a story with your child and turning it into “an educational opportunity conducive to furthering the intellect of a child through an exploration into the narrative elements of a literary event while focusing on the figurative and connotative language inherent within”.  (Yes, off the top of my head.)

Being gifted is easy.

Being gifted is needing more time for math because you invent your own algorithms and not being permitted to use them “because I said so”.

Being gifted is not understanding a story map because it’s so simple that you can’t wrap your head…

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Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe



Ever since I started playing this game, my life has meaning. Literally.

Math with Bad Drawings

Updated 7/16/2013 – See Original Here

Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe.

As you may have discovered yourself, tic-tac-toe is terminally dull. There’s no room for creativity or insight. Good players always tie. Games inevitably go something like this:

But the mathematicians at the picnic played a more sophisticated version. In each square of their tic-tac-toe board, they’d drawn a smaller board:

As I watched, the basic rules emerged quickly.

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You are Oceanic by Tapiwa Mugabe

You are Oceanic by Tapiwa Mugabe

All she wanted was to find a place to stretch her bones.

A place to lengthen her smiles

and spread her hair

a place where her legs could walk without cutting and bruising

a place unchained.

She was born out of ocean breath.

I reminded her;  ‘Stop pouring so much of yourself into hearts that have no room for themselves

do not thin yourself, be vast.

You do not bring the ocean to a river.’

– Tapiwa Mugabe, You are Oceanic


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