Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bring Me Back (My Bike)


Every single time
I walk out and lock my door
Every single time
I chain my bycicle to the floor
I wonder
Who would have ocme in if
I didn’t leave the door locked
I wonder
How far they would have gone if
I didn’t leave my bike locked
Safely away from thieving hands.

There is discomfort in stifling potentials
Like tying ribbons in your hair so that
They can’t float away
Part of the wind and sky
Like they so long to be.

Every single time
I lock a bit of myself away
So that others won’t leave with what’s mine
I wonder
How far along would we be
If I trusted them
And they cared enough for me
To bring what’s me back safely.


The Western Gate


There is, in my core,

a child

who loves and never grows

nestled in the protective purity of

safe darkness

where faith does not permit

monsters enter.


There is, in my core,

an ocean of silent tears

from the child

who is bled and learns

again and again

that monsters

don’t live outside.