Monthly Archives: April 2014

Art-Blind and Tone-Deaf


The words I colour are not those

Moving the air with their weight

I see!


But I’m art-blind

Because my uncoordinated hands

Flail inefficiently through space

And I can’t illustrate what is

When I draw you my answers

To your emotions

Through talentless finger paintings.


You are tone-deaf

To my art-blindness

Because the words you counter-sing

To my melodies

Are not answers to what I said

Even though I know you can hear my song.


At least we both have a sense of rhythm.

Our bodies move

To the beat of our frustration

Anger crescendos

And you rise

Patience drops an octave

And I am lowered

This is a dance we know well.


Then the music

Of our panting breaths

Chills each brushstroke

Your skin presses to mine

Then comes to end

Again and again

(Then once more, just because we can).


You teach me;

I learn from you.

Finally, you can listen to me

And sing me serenades in my key

And I see you in technicolour

And can paint you poems in softer hues.



You’re tone-deaf to my art-blindness

But we both know how to dance

And we speak our art through that.