Hi and welcome to Shaman’s Antics!

You have successfully reached my Home page, which I lovingly title


“This Is a Home Page With Nothing On It

Even Though I Spent 8 Hours In a Coffee Shop

Trying Desperately to Figure Out What to Write

To Make the Perfect First Impression

Because Perfectionism 

And So, To Avoid A Nervous Breakdown,

I Decided To Leave It (Mostly) Blank.”


Indeed, there is (almost) nothing on this page, besides this picture of a duckling.



If you want to read something interesting, you can find it somewhere else on this blog instead, I promise! For example, you could go here.

Or here

Perhaps even here?


Definitely here!


If you wanted a more sassy read, you could also try here.


Personally, I’d quite enjoy it if you took a look over -> HERE!!! <- but that place is just a wee bit angsty so maybe you shouldn’t go there after all…

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